Imagine the destruction I could cause

That sounds like a dream come true

Is this anything like those scientists conventions my dad once brought me to?

I was the only kid and all the adult scientists were like

"Oh a colt! Let’s make him test all of our unfinished, unapproved products. Kids LOVE dangerous motorized spoons and hoof polishing machines."

And my dad was only too happy to comply

You’re not going to force feed me bananas are you?

It’s nothing to be afraid of. Just ‘circle circle dot dot’ and you’re done!

Doesn’t make them any less gross though

Previous (Racers)

Previous Dinky and Pip

((Zoinks! Plot covergence!

Mod was really hoping we had seen the last of those Mannequins))

Aw Gargle, they're just trying to rain on your parade. Only a little bit, though. A light rain. You know... A Drizzle.

Are you asking me about that girl from the blog I follow? I only know of one Drizzle.

I’ve only really asked her questions, I’ve never met her. But I guess you could say I would like to one day, even though she seems sort of….drizzle-y? Grouchy? I suppose she has a reason to be.

It seems weird to hope that maybe she has a doppelganger in my world, especially since that’s kinda like saying I don’t care about the ‘real’ her that I know from the blog. But I guess I do wish that, without meaning any of the bad stuff. There’s a lot of ponies I’d like to meet.

Maybe there’s a me in her world too.

Horseshoe Bay AU


(Animation done with Emofuri)

You know what? If anypony else makes fun of your teeth simply embrace the role, become the king of the beavers* and let those silly fools feel the wrath of your fluffy minions! Muahahahaha! (*Or any other animal with practical use of their teeth of your choice)

I’d say that the trees would never stand a chance

But I kinda need…trees…

Ты такая няшка :з

Ya! Of course!

((He reads English as Equestrian all the time. Why would this be any different?))

How'd you get those teeth? Were you born with them?

100% pure Gargle teeth.

It’s not unusual for ponies to have big teeth though. I don’t know where you ponies come from.

I've never met a beaver before! You look more like a pony than I would've thought.

The transformation is nearing its completion